Henry Lorber & Associates (HLA) provides services to families and partnerships in conflict or navigating generational transitions of real assets and operating businesses. Henry Lorber draws upon a career fixing troubled real estate assets for institutional property owners and serving as a court appointed receiver to solve problems in such challenging, emotional scenarios. Lorber’s experience and expertise are complemented by long-time associates David Minkin and Charlie Stanford to comprehensively address client needs.

HLA’s intent is to listen well to clients and provide the personal, customized services that each situation requires to achieve a peaceful, profitable result.
— Henry Lorber

The HLA team is poised to maximize the cash flow or rationalize the management of privately owned assets in anticipation of – or amidst – an active dispute or litigation. The team is also prepared to intercede in litigation as receivers or as a bankruptcy trustee as necessary to stabilize a client’s situation. Long-term solutions might include appointment as a Trustee to manage assets, reduce conflict, and otherwise avoid the damage that an ongoing conflict may inflict on assets and their owners.


Our objective is to preserve a business or collateral during a potential dispute that might otherwise damage it.  We endeavor to treat all parties with respect – and under no circumstances take sides in a dispute.

Henry Lorber & Associates’ experienced principals are nationally recognized leaders in working with businesses in distress as they transition from one generation to the next – or as they suffer from deteriorating relationships between principals.

Our professionals’ wide variety of skills enable us to successfully address a range of challenges. HLA expertise includes operations and financial management, forensic accounting, asset management, and disposing of businesses or properties as necessary.

HLA’s trusted advisors and receivers are steeped in experience with stabilizing situations that might otherwise damage a business but longstanding personal relationships, too.