• Fiduciary appointments (receiverships and trusts)
  • Turnaround, restructuring and crisis management
  • Bankruptcy and other estate administration
  • Real estate and partnership advisory
  • Expert witness assignments
  • Dispute resolution
  • Assistance in generational transitions

  • Development of business and family governance structures
  • Assistance in establishing , articulating and attaining partnership goals
  • Facilitating decision making and conflict resolution
  • Managerial development
  • Family compensation and dividend policies
  • Facilitating family conferences 



Through our relationships and partnerships, we are able to connect clients to additional services including:


HLA principals of have more than 75 years of experience in stabilizing, managing and disposing of large and small real estate projects – and beyond. HLA is an active partner in evaluating options and creating strategic plans that maximize value for all parties.

The firm’s roles include asset operations, financial management, marketing and sales, leasing and dispositions. HLA principals have managed projects across the Southeast, including apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, self-storage facilities, single family home developments, second home resort communities, failed condominium conversions and golf courses.

HLA is, for example, acting as receiver for three entities that control assets valued at more than $20 million. Four siblings who have been in active litigation for three years, own the entities. As the receiver, HLA increased the income from the assets by over $270,000 per year, settled five separate lawsuits and distributed more than $1 million to the litigants in the first nine months of the receivership. The increase in the net income has conservatively increased the value of the assets by over $4.5 million.